Cable car technology


We develop and manufacture tools to facilitate the maintenance of cable car ascent systems.
Safety and quality are our top priorities, which is why all our tools are developed in collaboration with cable car manufacturers and cable car operators. They are thoroughly tested by our technical team before being approved for use and certified.

The tools include a variety ranging from simple manually operated tools to hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrically assisted tools.

Important features of our tools:

Occupational safety: Our tools are designed to ensure the highest level of occupational safety and comply with the strictest safety standards.

Compliance with the European Machinery Directive: We place great importance on ensuring that our tools comply with all requirements of the European Machinery Directive. This ensures not only the quality of our products but also conformity with international standards.

Ease of use: Our tools are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. This allows for seamless integration into existing work processes and contributes to increased efficiency.

Detailed descriptions of the workflows: To ensure smooth application of our tools, detailed and comprehensible descriptions of the workflows are provided. This enables precise usage and minimizes potential misunderstandings.

Reduced weight: Our tools are characterized by a reduced weight without compromising on robustness and performance. This significantly facilitates transportation and handling, particularly advantageous in labor-intensive environments.

Reducing work steps: Through innovative technologies and thoughtful designs, our tools minimize the necessary work steps. This leads to increased efficiency and time savings in task execution.

Workflows can be carried out by one person: this not only enhances flexibility but also efficiency in various work environments.

High overall economic efficiency: Our tools are designed to ensure high overall cost-effectiveness. Through their durability, efficiency, and reliability, they contribute to minimizing operational costs and maximizing long-term benefits.

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