VOLT® Fall-arrest harness – European Version

The VOLT fall-arrest and work positioning harness is very quick to don, thanks to the FAST LT PLUS and FAST LT buckles that allow it to be donned with both feet on the ground. The wide, semi-rigid waistbelt and leg loops provide excellent support. Its lightweight, breathable construction maximizes air flow. Its LADDER CLIMB attachment point allows for ventral attachment of the fall-arrest trolley, providing optimal comfort during progression. It is certified to European and Russian standards.

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  • Quick and easy donning:
    – Waistbelt equipped with a FAST LT PLUS buckle for quick and easy fastening and unfastening without loss of adjustment, even while wearing gloves
    – FAST LT leg loop buckles allow the harness to be easily donned with both feet on the ground and retain their adjustment settings between donnings
    – DOUBLEBACK self-locking buckles on waistbelt and shoulder straps for precise adjustment
    – Leg loop foam position can be adjusted for ideal positioning
  • Comfortable throughout the workday:
    – Semi-rigid, wide waistbelt and leg loops for excellent support; Its lightweight, breathable construction maximizes air flow.
    – Padded shoulder straps are widely spaced to reduce neck chafing and help distribute the load over the shoulders when the waistbelt is loaded When the hip belt is loaded, the load is transferred to the shoulder straps and distributed across the shoulders.
    – LADDER CLIMB ventral attachment point adapts to a variety of uses (progression, positioning, and occasional suspension), and allows the user to connect a lanyard, descender, or fall-arrest trolley; for vertical progression with a rail or cable-based fall protection system, the LADDER CLIMB attachment point allows for ventral attachment of the trolley, which distributes the load on the waistbelt and provides optimal comfort, and in the event of a fall, this attachment point automatically moves upward to a sternal position, allowing a vertical post-fall body position
    – Side slots allow a seat to be installed for greater comfort during prolonged suspension
  • Easy to use:
    – Side attachment points can be folded down to prevent accidental snagging when not in use
    – Stowing system for the MGO connectors on fall-arrest lanyards are located on each shoulder strap; in the event of a fall, the system releases the MGO connectors and allows the absorber to be deployed
    – Equipment loops, as well as slots for CARITOOL tool holder and TOOLBAG tool pouch make it easy to organize work tools


  • LADDER CLIMB ventral attachment point: Connection of a positioning lanyard in single mode use, a descender, or a fall-arrest trolley
  • Side attachment points: For attaching a positioning lanyard for use in double mode
  • Sternal attachment point: For attaching a fall-arrest system
  • Dorsal attachment point: Fall-arrest system attachment
  • Rear waistbelt attachment point: For attaching a restraint lanyard
  • Certification(s): CE EN 361, CE EN 358, CE EN 813, UKCA, EAC, JSFAD
  • Material(s): Nylon, polyester, aluminum, steel
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0, 1, 2



Waist size

65-80 cm, 65-80 cm, 83-120 cm

Leg loops

44-59 cm, 47-62 cm, 50-65 cm


160-180 cm, 165-185 cm, 175-200 cm


Manufacturer guarantee

3 Years