Rope lifting cylinder

In order to replace the rope guide rollers of the cable car supports, the wire rope has to be lifted off. This process can be carried out with special hand tools or better with electro-hydraulic support.
Depending on the bearing load, hand tools can no longer be used.

The hydraulic cable lifting device developed by us can be used with both low and high loads and offers the following advantages:

  • Low weight of the moving parts.
  • High lifting capacity in relation to component weights.
  • Safe working device with low effort when operated with a hand pump.
  • Safe working device without effort when operated with a battery-powered hydraulic unit.
  • Time and energy savings in the workflow.
  • High overall economy
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Discover the powerful hydraulic cylinder, ideal for use in cable car technology. Designed to safely and efficiently lift the traction rope, this double-acting hydraulic cylinder offers reliable performance and durability. With a maximum operating pressure of 220 bar, it achieves an impressive traction force of 50 to 95 kN (depending on the model), making it the perfect choice for demanding lifting tasks.

Thanks to the integrated lowering brake valve, the cylinder ensures not only safe handling but also protects against overload and line breaks. The device is made from robust materials and features quick couplings that allow for easy and fast assembly. Equipped with a lifting eye and a load hook, it is ready for any challenge in your work environment.

Increase the efficiency and safety of your lifting processes with the hydraulic cylinder – your reliable partner in cable car technology.

Weight N/A

Max. operating pressure

220 bar

Max. traction force

95 kN, 51,4kN

Max. lifting weight

5000kg, 9500kg

Max. pull length

60cm, 50cm

Hydraulic oil


Operating noise level

< 70 dB(A)

Main application

Lifting traction ropes in cable cars
Safety devices: Lowering brake valve, quick couplings