Roller rubber mounting device Leitner

The pulley rubber assembly jig is designed to replace the rubber liner rings and roller bearings of haul rope guide rollers, as well as the roller bearings of station synchronization tires.

The following roll types from Leitner AG can be processed: 550L, 550S, 420L, 460L, 500C, 500D, 460C, 460D-R, 360D, 280D

Benefits in the workflow:

  • Reduced number of parts and operations.
  • Changing the rubber without turning the rollers.
  • Device accessible from above and from the side.
  • The rolls can be loaded with a lifting device.
  • Clear and easy to use.
  • In line with occupational safety for users.
  • Guaranteed overload protection for all rollers.
  • Electro-hydraulic operation or with a hand pump.
  • Extremely short assembly time.
  • Bearing replacement with the same device
  • High overall economy.