Oil fine filtration device

The oil fine filtration device was designed to carry out quick and easy fresh oil filling, periodic oil filtration (as an oil care measure), general system cleaning and cleaning of lubricating oil or hydraulic oil tanks. It can also be used as a liquid pump.

By binding the finest contaminants in the form of solid particles, machine wear and the oil aging process are reduced, thus reducing the amount of waste oil and operating costs.

Scope of application:

  • Oil filtration when filling with fresh oil.
  • Periodic oil filtration as.
  • Oil – care measure.
  • General system cleaning.
  • Cleaning of lubricating oil or hydraulic oil tanks.
  • Use as a liquid pump.

Advantages in use:

  • Binds fine contamination in the form of solid particles.
  • Cleanliness class ISO 14/9.
  • Reduces machine wear.
  • Binds condensation.
  • Reduces the oil aging process.
  • Extends oil life.
  • Reduces malfunctions.
  • Reduces operating costs.
  • Reduces waste oil accumulation.
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