Hydraulic high pressure cylinder

With the hydraulic high-pressure cylinders, the focus was primarily on quality, reliability, weight, robustness and high compressive force. The maximum pressure is 700 bar for all. The special surface treatment results in high corrosion resistance, so that the cylinders can also be used outdoors and in aggressive environments.

A distinction is made between the individual models such as:

  • CGG heavy duty cylinder with safety nut, load return stroke.
  • CGR heavy duty lock nut cylinder, load return.
  • CGS heavy duty cylinder, load return.
  • CMC flat cylinder with spring return.
  • CMF hollow piston benzyl., spring return, in steel and light metal.
  • CMI universal cylinder, with spring return.
  • CML light alloy cylinder, with spring return.
  • CMP short-stroke cylinder, with spring return.
  • CMT pulling cylinder, with spring return, in steel and light metal.
  • COD cylinders for industrial applications, double acting.
  • COF hollow-piston cylinder, double-acting.
  • COI universal cylinder, double-acting.
  • COS heavy-duty cylinder, double-acting.