Horizontal lifeline system

Whether working on roofs, bridges or elsewhere at height, the safety of the workers comes first. With little effort, you can ensure safety at work at height.

Today’s workplace legislation requires that all persons working at height must be properly protected against the risk of falling.

The cable system even allows corners and facade projections to be secured without any problems and can be used on inclines of up to 15°. The anodically polished stainless steel components for long-term protection against corrosion comply with EN 795 class C and carry the CE mark.

We distinguish:

  • Cable systems for complex installations, in which the intermediate anchors and curves can be traversed with a cable glider without the user having to unhook or rehang.
  • Cable systems for simple applications where the intermediate anchor is used to rehang. In most cases only straight cable systems are installed.
  • Overhead cable systems for large spans of up to 30m.