GOLDEN TOP PLUS ALU – Full body harness

Versatile and lightweight complete harness; the ideal choice for professionals who are looking for optimal freedom of movement on the floor without sacrificing hanging comfort.
The patented ventral anchor point is characterized by two concentric rings: one serves as a seat for the aluminum ring for attaching slings and devices and the other for connecting the chest strap and the chest ascender. Patented connector HMS Belay lock, with anti-rotation lever that can be opened. Tension strap for chest ascender.
STS automatic buckles on the waist and legs make it extremely easy to put on and take off.
5 steel attachment points: 1 sternal and 1 dorsal for fall arrest, 1 ventral for suspension and 2 side for positioning and restraint.
2 sizes.

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1900g, 2000g

B - Waist (cm)

70-110, 80-130

C - Legs (cm)

45-65, 55-75

D - Height (cm)

55-75, 65-85


CE EN 358, CE EN 361, EN 813, EAC