Chair lift transporter

The chair lift transporter has been designed for lifting and transporting chairs (chairs with max. 4 or 6 seats) for chair lift systems.

The chair lifting transporter can lift and transport a load of max. 450kg on terrain with level, solid or approached ground.

The load is transported when it is lowered and, thanks to the special safety device, it can also be carried over floors with a transverse or longitudinal incline of up to 6%. The load can be increased to a maximum of 580 kg on an even industrial floor.

With the chair lift transporter, for example, chairs with a fixed rope clamp can be lifted from the haul rope, transported away and positioned.

In the case of detachable chairlifts, the chair lift transporter is used for the periodic material tests of the suspension rods and clamps. The chair basket can be transported and stored separately from the other parts in the station.