Fall protection

People recovery systems

According to the Legislative Decree 81/2008, it is mandatory to establish an appropriate emergency plan for rescuing individuals in tasks requiring the use of Fall Protection Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This implies that individuals who have been caught by fall protection equipment must be promptly freed from their precarious situation to prevent suspension trauma.

The rescue is carried out by using a rescue kit, which, depending on the situation, aims to either return the victim to the initial position (work surface) or safely lower them to the ground. A rescue kit is typically equipped with sufficient materials to securely hoist or lower a person. This set plays a crucial role in the effective implementation of rescue measures in challenging situations.

The applications of a rescue kit are diverse and can vary based on specific requirements. Examples of such applications may include rescuing individuals from heights or evacuating work areas at elevation. A well-thought-out emergency plan that includes the use of a rescue kit is therefore crucial to ensure the safety of workers and minimize potential risks. Training workers in the use of rescue kits, as well as regularly inspecting and maintaining this equipment, is also essential to ensure effective and safe rescue operations in case of an emergency.