Cable car technology

People recovery-evacuation systems

Our innovative personnel rescue systems have been specifically designed to ensure the safety and evacuation of passengers in the event of a cable car system failure with extended downtime. This is particularly crucial during situations where the vehicles are stranded for prolonged periods.

All our personnel rescue devices comply with the stringent requirements of EN1909 ‘Evacuation and Rescue.’ We prioritize the safety and reliability of evacuation processes. All components used in our rescue device system are manufactured and thoroughly tested in accordance with relevant Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) standards and the guidelines of Cableway Regulation 2000/9/EC.

Our personnel rescuve systems represent the current state of the art and ensure efficient evacuation while adhering to the highest safety standards. The careful selection and verification of components according to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) standards and cable car guidelines emphasize our commitment to passenger safety in every situation. Our ongoing research and development aim to continuously optimize the performance of our mountain systems while maintaining the highest safety standards.