Mechanical engineering


Precise production of tailor-made solutions

Our expertise in mechanical engineering goes beyond planning and development – we take pride in offering the manufacturing and production of high-quality machines and concepts within our range of services. Our unique approach involves organizing the procurement of parts through highly qualified third-party manufacturers and conducting the assembly of components, quality controls, tests, and more internally to ensure that the end product precisely meets our customers’ requirements. The selection of our third-party manufacturers is based on strict quality criteria to ensure that the foundation of our machines is of the highest standard.

Our long-standing presence in the market has enabled us to build an extensive portfolio of reliable and long-term partners. This allows us not only to guarantee the quality of our products but also to continually enhance it. Collaborating with proven partners is an integral part of our philosophy, ensuring that we can consistently provide our customers with top-notch solutions.

In-house assembly and quality control for tailor-made perfection

After receiving the individual components, we take over the assembly internally in our modern production facility. We place great emphasis on precision and efficiency to ensure that each machine is assembled exactly according to the specific requirements of our customers.

Before a product leaves our production, it undergoes a series of comprehensive tests. These tests serve not only to ensure functionality but also to verify that the machine complies with the specific requirements and environments of our customers. Any necessary adjustments and fine-tuning are carried out so that each end product provides the highest performance and reliability.

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