Cable car technology


We develop and manufacture machines to facilitate the maintenance of cable car ascent systems.
Safety and quality are our top priorities, which is why all our machines are developed in collaboration with cable car manufacturers and operators. They undergo thorough testing by our technical team before being released and certified for use.

The machines include a variety ranging from simple manually operated to complex hydraulic, pneumatic, or electrically assisted machines.

The outstanding features of our machines are:

Occupational safety: Our top priority is ensuring a safe working environment.

Compliance with the European Machinery Directive: All our machines adhere to the strict requirements of the European Machinery Directive.

User-friendliness: Our machines are characterized by their user-friendliness to facilitate smooth operation.

Detailed descriptions of work processes: Each machine comes with comprehensive and precise instructions to ensure an efficient workflow.

Compact dimensions: Our machines are designed to be space-saving without compromising on performance.

Streamlining work processes: Through innovative technologies, we minimize the necessary steps for effective maintenance

Single operation: Many of our machines can be operated by a single person to optimize the work process.

High overall cost-effectiveness: Our machines are designed to ensure high overall cost-effectiveness through efficient workflows and durable quality.

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