Cable car technology

High-pressure hydraulics

Through our longstanding and highly successful collaboration with Europress, our reliable supplier of hydraulic components, we have been able to consistently enhance the quality and reliability of our tools. Europress has proven to be a crucial partner, not only providing us with a wide range of products but also maintaining a significant inventory. These factors enable us to swiftly procure any high-pressure hydraulic component needed for our customers in a short period of time.

Our close collaboration with Europress spans over many years and has not only resulted in a stable supply chain but also in a continuous improvement of the performance of our products. The diversity of the offerings and the high availability of inventory contribute to our ability to flexibly meet the individual needs of our customers.

Working in coordination with Europress allows us  to develop customized hydraulic components that are precisely tailored to the specific requirements and challenges of our customers. The combination of profound expertise, cutting-edge technology, and innovative solutions ensures that we can not only respond to current challenges but also meet future requirements.