About us

The company Tecnoservice KG has been involved in the fields of mechanical engineering, cable car technology, and fall protection (PSA) since its founding in 1996.
With over 25 years of experience in the planning, commissioning, and maintenance of cable cars, and over 15 years of experience in fall protection and mechanical engineering, Tecnoservice KG is a reliable and professional partner.

Our team

Hubert Wegleiter

Management / technical management

Sigrid Gruber

Administration / Co-owner

Helga Wegleiter

In loving memory of

Norbert Wegleiter

Assembly inside / field service / customer service

Iwan Kainz

Order processing / warehouse management

Petra Kainz

Sanitary - hygiene officer

Said Moncer

Assembly / quality control

Daniel Kienzl

Assembly / periodic testing

Thomas Pirpamer

Design engineer / Technology / Purchasing

Lukas Wegleiter

Constructor / Technology / Deputy Management

Sabrina Mihelak

Order processing / accounting

Cur clients

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