Your reliable partner for,

mechanical engineering, cable car technology, and fall protection.

Mechanical engineering

Planning & development

On-site and working together with you, we identify your needs and find a specific problem-solving solution.


To fully focus on essential aspects such as development, quality control, assembly, and final inspection..


Even after delivery and installation, we are always available for our customers.

Cable car technology


We develop and manufacture machines to facilitate the maintenance of cable car ascent systems.


We develop and manufacture tools to facilitate the maintenance of cable car ascent systems.

Technical aids

These innovative inventions significantly ease and enhance the maintenance of cable car systems.

High-pressure hydraulics

With our design department and with the help of our strong partner, hydraulic components can be developed tailored to your problems.

People recovery-evacuation systems

Our personnel evacuation systems were designed for use in the event of a cable car system failure...


Thanks to our many years of experience in cable car project planning, commissioning, and maintenance, we can provide you with specialized assessments upon request...

Fall protection

Fall protection equipment

When working at heights with a risk of falling, the use of Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PFPE) is essential...

Fall protection stationary systems

Today's workplace legislation requires that all individuals working at heights are properly protected against...

People recovery systems

The rescue is carried out using a rescue set and, depending on the circumstances, consists of bringing the casualty back to the starting position (work surface) or to the ground.

Products to order or request

Upon request, our products can be precisely tailored to meet your specific requirements.